Proteus sets the new standard for branded in store promotions. We offer smart displays as a service.

Our sustainable smart solution is a welcome alternative for the cardboard consuming display. It is co-developed and backed by invested retailers and brands. We promise to increase ROI in terms of revenue, insights and efficiency.

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Answering to market demands

We believe current cardboard consuming displays are wasting time, money and resources.

Did you know:
More than 1 billion kg’s cardboard is wasted yearly!

Any idea how they boost sales?

Do lead times allow you to anticipate on topicalities?

Do you understand the struggle of setting them up and breaking them down?

  • Ben Boone

    “​PLUS Retail has started with Proteus Smart Display, both for our own displays and for our suppliers.

    Rob Claassens, Unit manager, PLUS Retail
  • Ben Boone

    “The fact that we are standardising and reusable is the reason why it will be an asset for the whole supply chain. At the moment, we have no clue whether a promotion is working fine or not.”

    Els Martens, Head of Commercial Supply of Trade, AB InBev
  • Ben Boone

    “​My dream would be that within eighteen months we have replaced all the current cardboard displays by Proteus displays, that we have something to measure the effectiveness of the display and that we get it implemented without any frustration and negative reaction.”

    Ben Boone, Supply Chain Development Director, Delhaize

      Displays on demand

      Our holistic approach is a game changer.

      Cardboard displayProteus display
      StandardisedNo standardStandardised
      Fits every product range by format and weight
      TheatralisationLimited, with high costsEndless with less cost, due to standardisation and digital printing
      Supply chainHigh complexityStandardised
      Number of displaysFixed numberLower pay per use through high rotation
      Lead times
      from ideation to placement
      12 to 16 weeks24 hours
      Display performanceNo insightsIoT-technology provides instant insights
      Cardboard consumption100% cardboardDown 85%
      SetupDifficult set-up, if set-up at allIn seconds. And standardised
      RevenuesWhat revenues?Up!
      Bill of materialUp to 20 different materialsCommunication sleeve and Proteus
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      Robust, durable & proven

      At Proteus we leave nothing to chance. Our displays are robust, safe and durable. Once they need replacement, they contribute to the circular economy since everything is reusable. As for the integrated IoT-technology, this is provided by our joint venture partner Ahrma Pooling; manufacturer of the Smart Pallet.

      Everybody wins

      Whether you are a retailer, brand, logistic partner or creative agency, rest assured; our solution serves all.


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      • In the retail industry more than kg’s cardboard is wasted on one time branded promotions, without having any insight in the ROI

      • By introducing a reusable display we will reduce more than 85% of cardboard waste and in return we retain value in a circular economy

        Award winning

        The first award for Proteus is a fact. On the 23rd of November in Brussels, Proteus came out as the big winner of the Greener Packaging Award 2017; edging innovative packaging concepts by L'Oreal, P&G, Delhaize and Kellogs. This is a tremendous recognition for all parties involved!

        Join the movement!

        There are two ways to join: Buying or renting through Ahrma Proteus Pooling (APP). In countries where pooling is already possible renting comes with a turnkey solution; from ideation to the entire logistics operation. We take care of it. What service do you prefer?

        Contact our wholesale partner Pure Value if you're interested in buying.
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        Contact our service provider Ahrma Proteus Pooling if you're interested in renting.
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