Renting Proteus

Via Ahrma Proteus Pooling

Renting is the best option when you require flexible amounts of displays. When renting, you have access to a pool of Proteus displays you share with other organisations that choose to rent.

A unique pooling model

We offer a unique pooling model that guarantees the lowest price per promo, including exclusive real-time insights with the Proteus Promo Portal. The price will fluctuate depending on your wishes of theatralisation and service.

We believe in creating end to end value chain transparency in a circular and sharing economy. To live up to our ambition Pure Value Europe and Ahrma Holding have combined powers in the joint venture Ahrma Proteus Pooling BV.

Integrated IoT and Blockchain Technology

With the integrated IoT and Blockchain Technology of Ahrma you will have the following real-time insights:

  • The location of your display: At the co-packer, in transport, DC retailer or in the store.
  • The sell out of the display: You know when to replenish or refill.
  • The temperature: End to end temperature check and reporting.
  • Shock data: When did your products get damaged and where?
  • On shelf availability of your promo per store (coming soon)

The Ahrma Proteus Pooling model offers a unique pay-per-use structure. We designed it in collaboration with retailers and brands. By using Proteus as the new standard, we are able to standardize the entire value chain process, from factory to shelf.

Together we aim for the highest rotation possible, lowering the cost per use, increasing the ROI per promo, creating direct response to the shopper needs.

‘No hassle’ promo process

To help you in every step in the promotion process we offer a complete one stop shop service. You get a “no hassle” promo process, with real time data. This will provide you with the time and new insights to improve your relationship with customers & suppliers. Together we will create more value for the shopper.


Real time campaign management tool
Plan and follow your entire promo campaign in one tool and get real time insights in the effectiveness of your promo.

Automated configuration:
Configuration tool – complete in 5 minCampaign briefing.Automated instructions for creative agency, cardboard supplier & co-packer

Campaign tracker:
Start & End promoLocation (in which store and on what location in the store)Sell out (total weight of the display)Replenishment or refill (push message)

Creative agency

Display design services:
How to stimulate traffic, sell out and shopper engagement?We will help you with the perfect fit of your campaign and the right design of your display Artworks.

Design services:
Chose from many different lay outsArtwork designLead time (24 hour – 1 week)

Let us surprise you!

Cardboard supplier

To reduce your lead-time of cardboard supply from 6 to 1 week, we offer digital printing with a variety of standardized sleeves to guarantee the lowest costs. The possibilities of theatralisation are endless to create a unique shopper experience.

Digital printing:
To reduce lead time & to create more personalised branding, we highly recommend digital printingLead time (24 hour – 1 week)Price starting from €9,99 all-in > sleeve and backcard (outerbox is not needed)

Let us surprise you

Co packer and Logistical service provider

Choosing the right co-packing for the right price in a non-standardized and non-transparent world is a hassle. We work together with the best co-packers to offer you the best service for the best price.

Co packing & logistics:
Co packing optimisation (+/-15% more efficient)Robotized set up & filling (coming soon)

Added services:
RepairCleaning(Return) Logistics - also possible via your current pooling partner

Pooling Digital & Physical

How do you know exactly where your displays are? Are you sure if nothing happened to them? Any idea on the effectiveness of your display promotion?We facilitate the end to end digital & physical flow so you can follow your entire display campaign via our online Proteus dashboard and app.

Pooling Digital & online dashboard:
IoT sensors in Proteus connecting via gateways to measure the location, temperature, shock & weight.Proteus Dashboard and Proteus App to follow your entire display campaign.

Pooling physical:
Pick up your Proteus items from the Retailers (return) DC to the co-packer.Repair, cleaning & warehousing organized by our pool provider.